Integrated fuel and transportation management for fueling operations

At the rack. Over the road. On receipt.

Insite360 Supply provides a platform solution to automate fuel ordering based on real-time stock levels and live truck load tracking minimizing runouts.  Fuel buyers can take advantage of market volatility, spot market opportunities, and arbitrage with an integrated best buy solution reducing fuel costs.   Insite360 Supply provides electronic Bill of Ladings for issue-free invoice reconciliation within minutes of fuel deliveries verifying volumes, freight charges, and supplier invoices are accurate prior to payment.

Insite360 Deliver

Reduce supply chain costs by up to a penny per gallon

Supply shortages, driver scarcity, and wholesale market volatility has created pressure on c-store operators to modernize their supply chains.  Insite360 Deliver automates demand planning, with machine learning, to optimize working capital levels, prevent fuel runouts, and quickly determine the best buy supply option evaluating spot opportunities, load shifts, and arbitrage prior to dispatch.  Insite360’s Deliver simplifies ordering processes by eliminating manual processes and gaining visibility into supply options and transportation.




Lower working capital by optimizing inventory levels
Reduce retains and runouts by up to 75%
Lower supply costs by up to 1¢ per gallon
Universal Carrier & Fleet Dispatch


Insite360 Reconcile

Protect against overcharges

Frequent changes in wholesale fuel prices, spot pricing, and excise tax creates errors in 20% of supplier and carrier invoices.  Insite360 Reconcile provides an automated three-way matching process to reconcile electronic delivery records against physical delivery volumes to your site ensuring fuel is received prior to payment. Insite360 Reconcile automatically verifies prices and taxes ensuring invoices are accurate prior to payment. Insite360’s Reconcile streamlines the reconciliation process to improve early pay discount and protect against profit erosion.

  • Automate error prone manual processes shortening payment cycles
  • Electronically confirm fuel deliveries prior to payment
  • Streamline pricing and tax verification
  • Reconcile accurately preventing overpayment on the 20% of invoices with errors
Insite360 Track

Maintain final mile visibility with real-time delivery tracking and ETA updates.

Insite360 Track is an end-to-end final mile tracking service that delivers real-time continuous GPS location data, ETA updates, and delivery status updates from Terminal Pick up to Site delivery.

Dispatchers can communicate with drivers, update delivery instructions, and load shift in real-time. 

Track also digitizes the BOL experience by allowing drivers to electronically upload BOL and delivery tickets for faster invoicing.

  • Full visibility into deliveries with live status and updates
  • Electronically capture driver paperwork via App or API
  • Reduce data entry errors streamlining processes
  • Invoice clients quicker reducing day’s outstanding

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