One site controller for all your station needs

Epsilon is a multi-functional site controller designed to optimise business logic to enable fully automated stations through seamless integration of forecourt assets and payment technologies.

  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Proven technology
  • First-class quality of service
  • Value-added functions
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Cost-effective and scalable
Cost-effective and scalable

Scalable solution fit for both large service stations and small unmanned stations and offers complete freedom of choice with different business models

Proven technology
Proven technology

Technology built on 150+ years of experience with a good track record of success from existing fuel retailers, with more than 1500 Epsilon controllers installed across Northern Europe

First-class quality of service
First-class quality of service

Supported by dedicated regional teams and trusted partners to provide best-in-class technical support and R&D service 365 days of the year

Value-added functions
Value-added functions

Variety of components to be used with Epsilon, including SDA – remote maintenance solution, carwash, and asset management

Total insight into your business asset performance

The Epsilon forecourt controller is positioned in the market as an integration platform and enables you to integrate your forecourt with all the necessary services; whether they be situated locally on-site or remotely in the cloud.

Integration with 3rd party payment solution providers

Payment Card Handling

  • Bank or non-PCI cards to proprietary host like WMCard or EBBA
  • Single or dual host support
  • Implemented PSP support of the following providers:
    • NETS
    • Swedbank Pay
    • IPOS
Manage Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) and CRINDs

Outdoor Terminal Management

  • Card, coupon, car wash code & note purchases
  • MID certification support
  • Multi language support for customer dialogue
  • Car wash connection with card purchase or sales code/barcode input
  • EMV bank card handling
  • Handles fuel delivery and cash collect procedures with card identification
  • Gilbarco NordicCard CRINDs with SPOT M7
Configure parameters of the system and check the status

Epsilon Setup and Supervision

  • Configuration of operation mode (open/close/night)
  • Setting up the price
  • Setting up pump configuration
  • Status of connected devices
  • Real-time journal presentation
  • Interactive report and printing function
  • Journal log and user access controls
Manage dispensers on the forecourt

Pump Handling

  • Supported protocols are ATCL, WCL, Gilbarco TwoWire and Wayne Dart
  • Max 64 pumps connected
  • Operation modes opened/closed/night/rush hour
  • Configurable ownership OPT, indoor POS, remote sales
Remote maintenance

Station Device Administration

  • Software updates
  • Parameter distribution and configuration
  • Status reporting
  • Device software and hardware components inventory data collection
  • Device remote command access
  • Device log and file remote access
  • Automatic file collection for backup of parameters and journals
  • Epsilon and payment terminals implemented for automatic updates
  • Security key and whitelist distribution
Manage integration with Point of Sales (POS)

Indoor Fuel Sales

  • Uses core commands of standard IFSF FDC POS protocol
  • Supports remote fuel sales by mobile payment with GVR Cloud solution
  • Translates data and messages from external to internal formats and vice versa
  • Two main message patterns:
    • External request resulting in a response from EFS
    • Unsolicited messages sent by EFS, like changed pump status and completed filling transaction data
Manage Automatic Tank Gauges and wetstock

Automatic Tank Gauge System

  • Handles Veeder-Root, Enraff Stic, Encompass, OPW, and 4Tech
  • Delivery detection Electronics always on
  • Leakage/theft detection with embedded alarms
  • Calculated wet stock if no ATG is connected
  • Monitoring of flow rate for each filling
  • Calibration tables functionality
  • Data visible in ESS and EBBA, continuous reports to any central system(s)
Manage your fuel pricing

Price Handling

  • Supports both local and central price changes
  • Coordination, persistence and queueing of change orders
  • Warning for near central changes in local price change form
  • Proprietary standard XML format for reports
  • File based in and out box in local file system
  • Coordination with price signs and pumps, delay time configuration for pumps vs price signs
  • Configurable blocking on sign failure
  • Delayed generation price change reconciliation report waiting for all fillings started during price period to complete
Generation of reports

On-Site Reports

  • Produces printout layouts (text/column formatted), report transaction data and custom export formats
  • XML configuration files for defining different reports. A report comprises one or more SQL queries
  • Query result data is stored as a raw data file, a kind of generic XML data format, and then post processed with an one or more XSLT style sheets to the final output
  • Regular reports are triggered by messages sent by Windows Scheduler jobs

Mobile Payment Integration

  • Mobile payment ready with integration to Gilbarco Cloud mobile payment back-end
  • Back-end to back-end integration only with standard Epsilon version
  • Cost effective service
  • No extra hardware on sites

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