North America CRIND

FlexPay IV

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to security on the fuel island. Gilbarco’s FlexPay systems make EMV upgrades easier and more cost effective. Gilbarco’s gas pump security is based on extensive experience; designing payment terminals for ideal performance in harsh, outdoor environments. This technology is field-proven and works with the largest network of service technicians to give you the most equipment up-time.

FlexPay EMV CRIND protects multiple risk points, giving you complete control of the security on your forecourt. The system combines the security of the FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad, the Secure Hybrid Card Reader (HCR), and a color screen to provide payment compliance, anti-skimming protection, and secure screen prompting.

Europe CRIND & Payment Pedestals

FlexPay NC3L & FlexPay Pedestals

FlexPay NC3L is the next generation CRIND capable of transforming your forecourt into a powerful and multidimensional profit centre. All FlexPay™ payment solutions are designed for supporting both attended and unattended sites. With FlexPay™, you can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if your site is unmanned.

The FlexPay OPT Plus pedestal is a retrofit solution designed for easy onsite upgrades. By upgrading just the head and reusing existing safe boxes, business owners not only save on costs but ensure they meet the latest regulatory and security standards. Boasting the latest media-rich technology, the FlexPay OPT Plus pedestal is ready to transform your customer journey, with a faster, more engaging payment experience. Never has it been easier to modernise and future-proof your business.