One forecourt controller for all solutions

With over 30 years of proven and reliable service to fuel retailers, the PSS 5000 has been installed on over 100,000 sites across more than 120 different countries. It is designed to provide oil companies with the flexibility to mix POS and forecourt equipment of any brand and make. It also offers a broad range of connectivity features including direct network access enabling you to connect to the rest of the world.

As a system component in the POS environment, PSS 5000 overcomes the complex differences between a petrol station forecourt and the retailing environment, enabling control of all types of forecourt equipment with the POS, BOS and head office systems.

Supports more than 100 different protocols, incl. IFSF

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Why centralised control is a smarter solution

Centralised control

Main benefits of one controller include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease and speed of change
  • Ease of management

What does this mean?

  • Combine POS and forecourt equipment of any brands and makes
  • PSS 5000 offers a broad range of connectivity features such as direct network access enabling you to connect to the rest of the world.
  • PSS 5000 includes the software application that handles the business logic for controlling the petrol station forecourt.

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Find the right fit for your needs

PSS5000 Base Systems

Standard - High Performance & Flexibility

This base system has the powerful CPU board, which provides a fast, stable platform that can satisfy the demands of large, multi-device forecourts.

The size of the standard cabinet provides enough space to house enough hardware interface modules to communicate with a large number of forecourt devices.


Compact - Entry Level & Low Cost

For small, static forecourts with only a few devices and no plans for expansion.

This version provides the same basic functionality as the other options and enough space for a reduced number of hardware interface modules.


Note: select the power supply that matches the Mains available on site.

Other Options

Single Board Computer in PSS 5000

The Doms Single Board Computer kits, for example, SBC455, extend the functionality of the PSS 5000. They enable 3rd party application software, such as a local card server, to be installed inside the PSS. This provides dedicated resources and better security against access from unauthorized users than an external PC.


KIT450 - Retrofit Lock System for Compact

The Retrofit Lock System enables you to install your own locking mechanism to the PSS 5000 Compact. This can be fitted to operational units without affecting your current product warranty.

Future proofing and cloud connection


With the launch of the new processor board (CPB539), it is the sixth generation of our reliable forecourt controller processors and enables the PSS 5000 to comply with the future requirements for cloud connectivity and enhanced security.

The new hardware, which is also available as a quick and easy, onsite upgrade kit (KIT453), is completely backward compatible; so you can continue to reuse your existing system components with minimum downtime. (The upgrade takes less than 30 minutes).

For more information about the process of upgrading, view our video:
Upgrade KIT453 - CPB50x to CPB539


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