iNFX: Digital Agility for Convenience Retail

Differentiate Your Business

Test new initiatives and bring customer value without being hindered by monolithic technology.

Improve Performance

When transaction time impacts profits, boost c-store and forecourt operations with high reliability, redundancy and speed.

Scale New Technology

Adding EV, hydrogen, CNG or alternative payments can be expensive - integrate new offerings without impacting operations.

Unlock Digital Agility

Ready to learn how iNFX can help accelerate your business goals?

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Retail Technology Conference

We’re excited to be hosting our first Retail Technology Conference, and we can’t wait to take our collective brand history and help redefine the industry. Join us for this multi-day event focused on knowledge sharing, problem solving, and showcasing industry-leading products from Invenco by GVR and our sponsors.

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Express Lane Self-Checkout

Shrink Lines. Improve the Customer Experience.

When you choose Passport, you are giving your business the runway to expand by adding self-checkout kiosks as well as made-to-order food capabilities. As an add-on to Passport, Express Lane Self-Checkout utilizes the same hardware platform and is fully integrated with the POS allowing you to gain access to the same price book, payment networks, loyalty integrations and so much more. Express Lane gives customers what they have come to expect at checkout via an easy-to-use interface, and gives you benefits in the form of shrinking lines, a key solution to labor shortages and cost-effective maintenance.

G7-100 Outdoor Payment Terminal

The Ultimate Customer Engagement Experience

With a variety of payment options, the FlexPay 6 M1-15 offers an EMV PCI 5.x with SRED (PCI 6 capable) modular payment terminal with a 15.6" rich-media touchscreen and an open platform suited to any environment

Invenco® Cloud Services

Engage Your Customers Like Never Before

With a vast range of online services, Invenco Cloud Services (ICS) enables retailers to manage a network of devices, lower overall operational cost and manage device uptime, while driving brand and promotional activity across a network of stores. Exceed customer expectations and drive customer experience with Invenco Cloud Services.

Media Management

Promote. Sell. Excite.

With audio and full motion video capabilities, catch your customers attention and keep them coming back for more. With an interactive platform, you can customize the content that is served to ensure it is relevant for your audience.