PRIME X C&I Solutions

Easily upgrade your business with state-of-the-art fleet management systems and enjoy the benefits of sensibly maintained and monitored fuel consumption.

| Best in class automation for commercial fleet sites.

|End-to-End coverage from the pump to the head office.

| Highly robust, reliable and flexible, fits any fleet type.

| Reduced fuel expenses and Increased operational margins.

| Management & authorization Fleet Head Office.

| Multiple site & fleet management from one central point.


Comprehensive Management Solution for Homebase Fuel Sites

A revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides fleet owners, operators, and managers real-time connectivity and the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet digitally.

Fleet Head Office

  • Centralized management server for all sites
  • Effective fuel dispensing authorization control
  • A variety of reports
  • For stations with or without forecourt terminal

Fuel Management System

  • Manages fuel inventory at multiple sites
  • Stores sites’ history and provides future delivery forecast
  • Alerts for defined events
  • Proactive, actionable insight

Fuel and Fleet Management

  • Integrated, real-time fuel and fleet management reporting.
  • Managed or self-service reporting infrastructures.
  • Flexibility, accuracy and customization of our customers reporting needs.
  • OEM integrated, managed reporting solution.
  • Integrates fuel, fleet and other external data to create a consolidated dashboard view of your operation.

PRIME Control Suite

Real-time, accurate fuel data access anywhere, anytime.

Tackle your challenges today with versatile, Wi-Fi enabled solutions that meet complex C&I requirements. Designed to reduce fuel expenses and increase operational margins.

Islander PRIME Pedestal Controller

The Islander PRIME is the best-in-class home base controller with an all-in-one standalone pedestal, enabling forecourt automation and flexible fueling authorization options. With a built-in OrPAY1000 outdoor terminal, Islander PRIME offers a highly modular configuration with various field upgradable add-ons. It supports EMV/HID and up to 8 mechanical pumps or 48 electronic pumps.

Site PRIME Stationary Site Controller

An optimal, cost-effective and modular solution for complete site control and management, the Site PRIME is a cost-effective standalone site controller housed in a modern sealed and ruggedized box for outdoor and indoor installations. It supports up to 4 mechanical pumps or 32 electronic pumps.

Integrated PRIME Dispenser Built-In Controller

The built-in controller is the perfect choice for customers who wish to establish an automated home base site. Our selected dispensers with the integrated PRIME controller and OrPAY1000 installed inside the pump, enables various authorization methods, including contactless cards & tags, magnetic cards.

Truck PRIME Mobile Controller

Truck PRIME is a mobile fleet fueling controller, specifically designed for installation on fuel tanker trucks. Housed in a modern ruggedized box, it features cushioning shock absorbers that dampen vibrations in severe driving environments and supports up to 4 mechanical pumps. The unit controls, monitors, and stores on the spot refueling data. The available options include OrPAY1000 for fueling authorization.

Digitizing Processes for Remote Control

Flexible deployment at fixed or mobile site.
Easily introduce and integrate automation to your C&I sites.
Robust outdoor site controllers suited for harsh environments.
Interface with all payment authorization servers, forecourt devices, systems and fueling networks.
High utility, functionality and efficiency rates.
Smart and secure operating and management system.
WiFi enabled, innovative and future proof solution.
Intuitive and modern color LCD displays.
Real-time, accurate fuel data access anywhere, anytime.

PRIME Permit

Fuel Authorization Methods

A range of fuel secure authorization methods, including a new and intuitive Fuel & Drive app, providing operational flexibility, and business efficiency for both stationary and mobile fuel sites.


  • Durable Cost-Effective Tag Reader for Fueling Authorization
  • Color Display
  • Full Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • Addressable Screen Keys


  • Compact Outdoor Authorization Tag Reader
  • User-Friendly Interface with LED and Audio Indicators
  • Easy to install
  • Remote set-up, configuration, and maintenance

Automatic Vehicle Identification

  • Introduces Significant Control of Fuel Expenses
  • Clear Cost Saving
  • Fleet Efficiency
  • Convenient Operation

Fuel & Drive App

  • Authorize fueling without leaving the vehicle
  • Remote fleet management and increased data accuracy
  • An efficient platform for presetting limits
  • Supports several methods of validation for increased security