Our lives are evolving at a fast pace and rapid adaptation to changing customer requirements is essential.

Fuel retailers are realizing the need to focus their efforts on the demand for quick, secure, and frictionless checkout. It’s time to enhance your c-store consumer shopping experiences, assure loyalty, diversify your client base and increase your c-store profits!

Meet future challenges today

Support omnichannel purchases

Support omnichannel purchases

Improved customer experience

Contactless retail payments

Contactless retail payments

Fast, frictionless transactions

Customer behavior data analysis

Customer behavior data analysis

Personalized marketing for more revenue

Cloud-based, multi-tenant solution

Cloud-based, multi-tenant solution

Efficient business management

Always available online and offline

Always available online and offline

Stay open and in control

Network and data security support

Network and data security support

High-level cybersecurity protection

Increase Revenues

Helping Fuel Retailers

Our cutting-edge digitalized fuel retail solutions enable businesses to quickly transition from legacy hardware to cloud-based platforms, tap into additional revenue sources and meet consumer expectations.

Meeting Today’s Always-on Business World

Our fuel retail solutions assure omnichannel support, scan and go, real-time data and eCommerce services.

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Learn more about how you can revolutionize your business to maintain a competitive edge and retain customer loyalty by providing a fast, frictionless, and personalized experience.

Cloud-Based Retail Platform

A modular fuel station and fuel retail network management solution

Our cloud-based fuel retail platform, Passport X, provides today’s retail fuel station operators with the end-to-end solution they need to meet future challenges, remain competitive, and support a personalized consumer experience.

Easily integrated and upgradable, the Passport X POS and management platform allows you to quickly innovate your fuel station and c-store network to maximize revenue and meet evolving market demands.

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) | Easy-to-use POS that works on any modern hardware, including self-service kiosks, mobile devices, and more.
  • Mobile POS (mPOS) | Hardware agnostic mPOS for fuel attendants, providing flexibility in operating the station’s forecourt.
  • Passport X Engine | Manages site business logic, enabling stability, modularity, and customizability.
  • Head office/Back office | Multi-tenant cloud for central management of retail fuel network, specific stations, or stores.

Remote Site Management

Gain control of your site. Anywhere, anytime

MiSite Manager is an easy-to-use mobile app and is the perfect solution for fuel retail site managers to manage all operational activities, remotely from wherever they are.

Utilize its proactive alerts on critical issues to keep your stations running smoothly, around the clock.

  • Data visibility across all fuel sites
  • 360 management anywhere, anytime
  • Proactive, real-time alerts
  • Manage inventory, transactions, and pricing

Payment and Card Management Solution

Increasing Business Efficiency

Our card management solution allows oil companies to offer fleets and consumers the high-level of service they deserve while providing a comprehensive platform to manage endless transactions with tight control over fuel expenses.

  • Robust and reliable method of payment for fleet and consumers
  • Building new revenue streams and increasing profits
  • Attraction and retention of fleet and consumers
  • Seamless integration with loyalty and financial payment systems

Loyalty Platform

Differentiate your business and increase revenues

We live in a service-focused era.

Consumers today crave a personalized and convenient customer journey.

Our loyalty platform fully supports E2E omnichannel interaction, enhancing your customer engagement strategy and the full customer journey over any digital source.

  • Enhance the total customer experience
  • Complete loyalty and reward management
  • Comprehensive & agile campaign management

Reporting and Analytics

Proactive data utilization

We make it a point to provide fuel retailers with the tools they need to efficiently manage their business while making sense of the endless data derived every day.

Our advanced platform enables users to monitor network data, and easily create fully customizable reports and impactful dashboards to highlight business performance.

  • Self-service analytics tools for detailed insights
  • Customizable, web-based report generator
  • Create personalized dashboards for clear data presentation
  • Efficient decision-making processes with business intelligence tools

Forecourt Terminals

Supporting a variety of business needs

Forecourt terminals are the point of interaction for site attendants, drivers, and customers, making user-interface a top priority.

Our innovative outdoor terminals boast advanced user interface and support a wide range of payment and identification options.

  • Innovative and advanced user interface
  • Supports a wide range of payment and identification options
  • Allowing forecourt management and on-the-isle sale
  • Modular installation options – within dispenser or standalone pedestal

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Increasing station throughput and customer loyalty

Used around the world in over 40,000 service stations, our unique Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system increases station throughput and builds customer loyalty..

These compact RFID units provide a frictionless and secure fuel payment method for millions of vehicles worldwide.

  • Advances loyalty by binding fleets to oil companies
  • Increases market share and sales volume
  • Boosts station throughput by cutting fueling queues
  • Reporting on fleets’ fuel consumption