It's a fast and seamless, one-stop experience

According to data from NACS, 45% of c-store shoppers prefer the shortest line, no matter the checkout type. From self-service to traditional options, Passport Express Lane customers can conveniently pay for everything at the self-checkout kiosk, including age-restricted items, fuel, and made-to-order food and beverages*. It's a seamless, one-stop experience for your customers.

*Passport Express Ordering Foodservice solution required

Reduce Wait Time

Create a frictionless experience by providing multiple paths for checkout and payment. Having a mix of traditional and self-checkout meets the needs of all shoppers.

Increase Throughput

Implementing self-checkout provides options for quicker service and higher sales conversions.

Tackle Staffing Challenges

Do more with less by allocating staff to activities that promote excellent customer service and builds loyalty.

Let consumers take control of their checkout experience.

They may choose a traditional line today but self-checkout tomorrow! Decisions are made based on available time, line length, and whether they want to talk to their favorite cashier. Add Express Lane to your Passport system so customers don’t leave due to extended wait times.

User-Friendly Design

Express Lane is a touch-screen kiosk with an intuitive design that is easy to use. Studies show when consumers do it themselves, basket sizes tend to grow.

Let Your Brand Stand Out

Use your Express Lane kiosk to build your brand. Strategically leverage digital ad space and idle screens within your Express Lane kiosk and PIN pad. Increase basket size by communicating the latest promotions or prompt them to consider frequently forgotten items, such as ice!

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Serve All Customers By Accepting Cash

Cash transactions still account for one-third of convenience store sales. Consult with your distributor about integrating Paypod Cash Recycler into your self-checkout setup to ensure a frictionless experience for all customers.

Authorize Age-Restricted Items

Reducing friction for your customers means enabling them to pay for all items, including age-restricted ones, at self-checkout. Attendants are on hand to authorize transactions involving alcohol, tobacco, smokeless, e-cigs, lottery tickets, and any other restricted item. Plus, fuel purchases are hassle-free with both pre-pay and post-pay options available at self-checkout.

Control Consol

Free cashiers to focus on your customers' experience. One cashier can manage the traditional checkout lane and monitor several Express Lanes with the Control Console function within Passport. This allows a cashier to authorize age-restricted items, and modify, void, or suspend transactions, without leaving the counter.

Thinking About Adding Foodservice?

If your store offers made-to-order foodservice or you’re thinking of adding it, discover how the Passport Express Ordering Foodservice solution can enhance your customer experience.

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