Managing assets across multiple sites is a challenging task for c-store retailers.

Centralize and simplify your site management using a cloud-based dashboard that allows 24x7x365 real-time access to control and configure your c-store equipment.

Asset management consolidates critical dispenser data such as encryption keys and log files, flow rates, device and site statuses, alerts, and more into a single, centralized view.

Reduce on-site visits, Increase terminal uptime, and Guarantee compliance

Dispenser Management
Dispenser Management

Schedule and deploy software updates for your FlexPay systems and Encore dispensers

Manage Assets
Manage Assets

Asset and software version reporting to support PCI DSS needs

Remote Maintenance
Remote Maintenance

Remote OPT: Setup and security without truck rolls

Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Remote insights and actions to efficiently prepare for, or entirely avoid, truck rolls

Optimize maintenance costs and maximize uptime through remote, real time dispenser management and 24x7 performance monitoring.

Customer Challenge

Invenco Solution

Reducing Truck Rolls

Reduce on-site tech visits and maintenance spend

Remote Maintenance

Minimize Slow Flow and Dispenser Uptime

Improve site uptime and performance

Performance Monitoring

Reduce Losses

Reduce fraud and theft

Security Control


Maintenance standard settings, software version

Manage Assets

Take Charge of Site Management

Asset management extends far beyond device monitoring. It empowers you to manage anything considered to be an asset - both at site and device levels.

Our cloud-based dashboard provides functionality to:

  • Remotely update software and firmware
  • Resolve real-time equipment alerts and alarms
  • Increase site uptime
  • Optimize equipment performance
  • Remotely configuring connected dispensers
  • Monitor ATG site operation data such as inventory and alarms

API Ecosystem

Dispensers are complex with multiple devices embedded within that require firmware updates to stay in compliance with security requirements and manufacturers' recommendations. Being able to use API's to update device firmware enables a more efficient rollout of updates across multiple sites.

Asset Management offers interoperability with other systems through our robust and growing API offering, giving your c-store the flexibility to customize and integrate with solutions that meet your unique needs.

Dispenser APIs

Dispenser APIs

Dispenser Firmware Update, Warm Reboot and Device State APIs provide access to device status and remote management, actionable alerts for networked forecourt dispenser systems.

Automatic Tank Gauge APIs

Automatic Tank Gauge APIs

ATG APIs provide real-time access to inventory, deliveries, alarms and compliance reporting from networked automated tank gauge.

Future APIs

Future APIs

Future APIs will enable additional integration and automation helping to optimize your business.

Payment Security

Fuel fraud and theft can pose significant risks to already narrow fuel sale profit margins, so ensuring the security of fuel dispensers is paramount to retailers.

Asset Management provides real-time fraud alerts that can be tailored to the specific needs of your site. With customizable alarms for payment systems and dispenser door security, retailers can remotely arm and disarm dispensers, thereby safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential losses. Our Payment Security also includes the following advanced security features:

  • Remote Key Loading (RKL)
    RKL is a secure process for transmitting encryption keys from a central server to remote devices limiting opportunities for theft/fraud. This function enables merchants access to remotely add, edit and delete keys without calling the help desk or needing a truck roll.
  • Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED)
    SRED ensures that cardholder account data is immediately protected at payment terminals for FlexPay II and FlexPay IV devices and is a module of the PCI PTS certification (payment card industry PIN transaction security). SRED changes the way that card data is stored and passes through the CRIND/FlexPay system in addition to changing how the data transmission from FlexPay to POS/Forecourt Controller (FCC) occurs limiting fraud.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
    Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is a security standard set by the PCI Security Standards Council that outlines the encryption standards for cardholder information protecting important consumer payment information.

Dispenser Management

The ability to remotely manage dispenser software and firmware updates is a key benefit to enhancing site uptime and optimizing equipment performance. Remotely managing updates not only streamlines the process of resolving equipment alerts and alarms, but also significantly reduces the need for expensive on-site maintenance visits. And by enabling remote troubleshooting and configuration of connected dispensers, retailers can quickly address and resolve a wide array of issues. In cases when a technician's visit is necessary, Asset Management ensures the technician arrives on-site prepared to resolve the problem efficiently with access to dispenser history, which includes log files and event data.

Other remote management benefits include:

  • Remote power cycling for dispensers, facilitating a warm restart without the need to fully power off a dispenser
  • Efficient scheduling and deployment of software updates, so updates can take place during non-business hours
  • Simplified management of site keys and remote key loading without wasting time calling the help desk

Choose from our three asset management packages designed to help you select the ideal plan tailored to your site and needs, comprising a blend of the following features:

Theft and fraud detection – payment and fuelPCI compliance report/asset tracking Remote warm reboot
Door sensor integration and monitoring/alerts (if GVR door sensors are installed) Monitor, detect and notify of dispenser payment issues Remote software download – cloud connectivity
Remote software download – CRIND, EMV, P2PE, RKL, SRED Remote software download – pump Real-time dashboard update

Interested in learning more?

Interested in learning more about how Invenco by GVR simplifies site management? We're here to help you choose the right solution for your site.