Electronic Payment Server

Invenco E1-100 EPS handles complex payment and loyalty requirements within retail, self-service and fuel retailing environments. Its primary task is to enable fast and secure online payment authorization with your bank, fleet hosts and loyalty providers.
Invenco EPS is built to an open standard enabling it to integrate with any point of sale, plus indoor and outdoor payment devices for a truly cohesive solution. The E1-100 EPS can run natively on Invenco OPT hardware, with alternative options to run on existing site server hardware.
The design provides a distributed model to balance security, availability and flexibility. Core payment security, host interfaces and transactional workflows are modularized to provide the utmost flexibility for supporting payment and loyalty-related business initiatives with your unique combination of peripherals and acquirers. The solution leverages the power of the cloud for remote management and workflow configuration.

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Fast Transactions

Achieves sub-two second EMV transaction times for speedy payment processing. Enhance customer experience.

Multi-Payment Support

Accepts a wide range of payment options including credit, debit, EMV, mobile NFC, gift cards, and fleet cards.

Comprehensive Integration

Seamlessly integrates with POS, forecourt control systems, and indoor/outdoor payment devices.

Enhanced Security

Implements point-to-point encryption, strong data storage encryption, and PCI-DSS compliance for secure transactions.

Lighting Fast Transactions

Accelerate Checkout Speed

With sub two-second EMV transaction times, the Invenco E1-100 EPS ensures lightning-fast payment processing. Keep customers happy by reducing wait times and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Versatile Payment Support

Accept Every Payment Method

From credit, debit, and EMV to mobile NFC, gift cards, and fleet cards, the Invenco E1-100 EPS supports a wide range of payment options. Empower your gas station to cater to diverse customer preferences and maximize revenue.

Seamless Integration

Simplified Payment System Integration

Seamlessly integrate your payment system with the Invenco E1-100 EPS. Whether it's connecting with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, indoor/outdoor payment devices, or forecourt control systems, this solution offers a cohesive and hassle-free payment experience.

Robust Security Measures

Secure Payment Processing Guaranteed

Protect your customers and business with the Invenco E1-100 EPS. It implements state-of-the-art security measures, including point-to-point encryption, strong data storage encryption, and PCI-DSS compliance, ensuring secure payment processing and safeguarding sensitive information.

Boost Your Gas Station's Efficiency

Streamline payment processing and enhance customer experience with the Invenco E1-100 EPS. Maximize profits at your gas station.

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