That’s Convenient

Customers enjoy the freedom to personalize their order exactly to their liking, while staff benefits from a reduction in order entry mistakes.

Order From Any Kiosk

The Express Ordering solution can be enabled on any Passport kiosk, allowing numerous ordering and payment points throughout the store, including with the cashier.

Increase Basket Size

Research shows that when customers take charge of their order; they are more likely to include additional items and upgrade to combos.

A Center for Growth and Profit

Made-to-order food continues to be a primary driver for building long-term profit and growth, and a source of one of the largest gross margins in the store. Express Ordering can boost that through optimized menus and order-building designs.

Optimize Your Menu

Our foodservice partner works with you every step of the way to create menus that flow well, encourage upselling, and follow your brand guidelines.

Seamlessly Add Self-Checkout

Take everything to the next level with an entirely integrated Passport solution by adding Express Lane Self-Checkout, enabling every customer to have the experience they want.

Order and Pay, Your Way!

Get in, get out with 2 ways to order and pay.


Traditional customers can still order and pay with a cashier or do a mix of both.


For an in-and-out experience, customers can personalize and place their food order as well as pay for their entire transaction including fuel and c-store items from either the Express Lane or Express Ordering kiosks.

We’re here to help you choose the right solution for your site.