Capacitive PIN Pad:

  • This type of PIN pad is less susceptible to skimming as it’s more difficult for skimmers to detect physical key movements and there are no key matrix signals that can be probed internally.
  • The Capacitive PIN Pad helps to eliminate mechanical failure points that are typically found in mechanical PIN pads. 

Terminal Design:

  • Unlike other devices, the PIN pad is not directly above the card reader slot, which makes dual function skimmers more difficult to apply.
  • PIN pads on our newer models are designed with a single sheet of tough, IK-10 rated glass on the front of the terminal, making overlays that are used in skimming easier for users to see. 

Split Card Reader Design:

  • The card insertion path for the chip reader is shorter, minimizing the space where skimming devices can be added. 
  • The addition of a security grid along the magnetic reader rail detects the unauthorized installations of skimming heads and protects the MSR.
  • The magstripe and chip reading devices are separated, which reduces wear and tear and extends their lifespans. 

In an era of non-stop security threats, the need for advanced security measures is non-negotiable. That’s why we tailor-made our solutions for this unique retail environment. It’s just one of many examples of our dedication to provide the highest level of security possible to protect your business.

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