Let Us Take One Thing Off Your Plate

Stay Current & Compliant

Stay Current & Compliant

All new software releases and maintenance packs are available to you at no additional cost.

80% Calls Solved Remotely

80% Calls Solved Remotely

We understand that dispatching technicians can be expensive and inconvenient. With PSO, 80% of calls are resolved over the phone, minimizing the need for costly truck rolls.



At any hour, whether it's the dead of night, the break of dawn, or even during holidays, we're dedicated to serving you around the clock, every day of the year.




Complete Site Coverage

Extended hardware warranty and mileage, travel, and labor (MTL) when on-site repair is required. 


Global Help Desk Support

24/7/365 support from our global help desk

Remote Diagnostics

Troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues before escalating to an on-site visit from a technician

Software Maintenance

Ensure your POS software remains updated and includes the latest security, compliance, and feature enhancements

More Information

Sites always have access to their local Authorized Service Contractors (ASCs) and ASCs can always get support through our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at their cost, even if they are not enrolled in PSO. However, help desk support and software upgrades and maintenance packs are not available without an active PSO plan. 

End of software support schedule

In 2024 we instituted an end of software support plan. While we would love to resolve every request on every version of software, we must acknowledge that extensive troubleshooting and fixing issues on older software versions can limit our capacity to innovate and deliver new features and enhancements. 

End-of-support dates are based on the release date of a software version and the availability of newer versions. Below are the support periods for existing software versions. Check back for updated information. 

  • V20.03 and earlier: We will no longer provide software support for critical issues after today. 
  • V20.04: We will provide limited support for critical issues through March 31, 2024. For other issues, we may ask you to upgrade to the latest version. 
  • V21.02: We will provide limited support for critical issues through September 31, 2024. For other issues, we may ask you to upgrade to the latest version. 
  • V21.03: We will support non-critical issues until March 31, 2024. We will continue to support critical issues until further notice. 
  • V22.01 and later: We have not yet determined end-of-support dates for more recent software versions. The date will depend on the release of future software versions.