Invenco Link - network upgrades with the wiring you have

Upgrade to a high-speed Ethernet network with the wiring you already have. Invenco Link creates a high-speed network based on IEEE 1901 (high definition power line communication); it supports PHY rates up to 200 Mbps over hundreds of metres. Invenco Link is also fully transparent to other devices on your LAN.

In any high-speed network upgrade the installation of in-ground or in-wall wiring can be a significant cost. Invenco Link enables you to upgrade without digging up the ground or replacing any wire. Designed for high-reliability environments – it comes in two configurations to support a wide range of network topologies: the L1-100 node with two Ethernet ports, and the L3-100 hub with four Ethernet ports, which is able to network 16 L1-100 nodes.

Invenco Link is a cost effective alternative to VDSL, offering a higher speed and high QoS solution for almost any application with existing wiring.  Discover how you can combine Invenco Link with other Invenco products to create a fast, effective pathway to EMV compliance.

Key Features

  • Makes use of any copper wiring including power line, twisted pair, coaxial.
  • Based on IEEE 1901 (high definition powerline communication).
  • Supports multiple network topologies – including line, tree, star and ring.
  • Two or sixteen port options.
  • Transparent connection between LAN devices.
  • Built and tested to industrial specifications.

Key Benefits

  • No need to dig up pavement or rip apart walls to reinstall wiring.
  •  Dramatically reduces the cost of a network upgrade.
  • High speed and high QoS (up to 200 Mbps PHY rate).
  • Able to support a high-speed network of any size.
  •  Install into harsh environments with high reliability.
  • Consolidation of network transactions through a single channel.
  • No set up needed for other devices on your network.

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