Invenco iNFX: control pumps and process payments directly from the OPT


Invenco iNFX: control pumps and process payments directly from the OPT

Invenco iNFX brings the future to your forecourt

The systems to process a fuel sale at the pump today are extensive and complex. From OPTs, to payment servers, to pump controllers, to networking equipment - it is expensive to implement and even more expensive to change.

Drive innovation, quality and cost efficiency.

Invenco iNFX revolutionizes the way we think about forecourt technology. It condenses the major forecourt systems into a set of lightweight software microservices deployed onto the Outdoor Payment Terminals on your site.

With iNFX every OPT can authorize the pump and process payments without the need for traditional forecourt and payment servers. It runs on all Invenco payment terminals* and supports all Invenco services including Invenco ICS, third party application development platform and media.

 The distributed architecture provides inherent redundancy while eliminating much of the costly hardware and networking you need today: no Forecourt Controller, no Electronic Payment Server, no single points of failure.



Invenco iNFX microservices

Choose them all - or only the iNFX microservices you currently need. This can be highly important if you only need to upgrade specific components of your solution. It means you can continue to realize the return on an existing asset with no unnecessary upgrades. 


Manages all payment processing including magstripe, EMV, contactless and fleet cards. Plugins are used to abstract the different acquirer protocols from the core EPS microservice.


Manages all aspects of forecourt control including pump control, ATG and price signs. Plugins are used as a translation layer for the specific manufacturer protocols.


Is effectively point-of-sale on an OPT. This microservice drives the transaction workflow and is highly configurable so that changes can be made through configuration rather than code.


Provides the interface to the back-office system at the site, to support fuel price updates and transaction reconciliation functions.

Key Features

  • EMV, magstripe, contactless and fleet card payments
  • Forecourt control with off-the-shelf plugins for common dispenser models
  • Price sign, car wash and ATG support
  • Configurable loyalty and discount handling
  • Lightweight, efficient microservices architecture
  • Standard-based APIs
  • Built-in automatic failover
  • Reduced latency across LAN
  • SDK for third party plugin development
  • Remote management through ICS
  • Platform independent
  • PA-DSS certified

Key Benefits

  • Lowers the total cost of ownership
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • High redundancy
  • No single points of failure
  • Reduced hardware and related maintenance
  • Reduced clutter at site
  • Interoperability for fast integration cycles
  • Reduced cost of change
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Reduced PCI-DSS scope