Invenco ICS: specialized IOT platform for PCI-certified devices, applications and more


Invenco ICS: specialized IOT platform for PCI-certified devices, applications and more

ICS: Invenco Cloud Services



Invenco Cloud Services (ICS) is a specialized IoT platform. It provides a powerful set of features designed to manage a network of connected devices, including PCI-certified payment terminals, applications and other site system components.


Security a top priority.

Payment devices have traditionally been off-limits for innovation due to rigid security requirements – yet they represent a unique opportunity to engage with customers at the point of sale.  Invenco Cloud Service’s PCI-DSS certified security framework allows retailers to innovate without compromising security.

As a multi-tenant software-as-a service (SaaS) offering, ICS provides you with cost-efficiency, scalability, reliability, high-availability, security and innovation.


Media management

Control the user experience

ICS also gives you ultimate control over the user experience. Invenco’s open platform approach enables retailers to choose to integrate with third-party services for delivery of content, services and applications like never before.  If you are looking for a complete, self-service payment management system – including asset monitoring and delivery of advertising content to the screen – you’ve found it with ICS.

Invenco Cloud Services delivers a unique range of services

Asset Management

Configure and manage, sites and devices, including full flexibility for group sites to support effective management of their network. You can view operational status in near real time as well as manage sites and/or devices through asset and version reporting.

Remote Key Injection

Enables the remote injection of cryptographic keys to PCI-certified payment devices. PIN, MAC, data encryption and P2PE keys can all be managed through the RKI service with in-built systematic support for the necessary PCI dual control approval processes.

Remote Management

Proactively visualize and report on telemetry data from connected devices through the ICS portal in near real-time. Resolve issues before the site realizes there is a problem! Also enables the remote deployment of device firmware, applications, configuration and media assets.

Prompt Management

Interact with customers at the point of sale by: configuring different promotions during meal hours; playing video while customers are fueling; or integrating with ICS Playlist to run syndicated media in a window. Prompt Management takes care of the security, including data entry through PIN pad and PCI signing, so you can focus on driving your brand and message.


Use Playlist to engage a captive audience while customers fuel; run promotions, sell advertising space or extend your marketing campaigns to the forecourt. Playlist runs content on all OPTs on the site – with fully synchronized and configurable video and audio. Build your own playlists or integrate with selected media providers through our secure API. We provide the tools and security – you control the message.

Key Services Delivered by ICS
  • Secure PCI DSS compliant software, media and configuration delivery. 
  • Configurable alerting module.
  • Visualization of a geographically distributed site network.
  • Network independent – broadband, cellular, satellite and dialup.
  • Easy access to update status information.
  • A secure, web-based API to manage 3rd party products.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced support costs by using cloud-based asset and remote management features.
  • Schedule remote software and media updates for synchronized multi-site deployment.
  • Cloud-based payment configuration and UI/promotions at the pump.
  • Leverage powerful RKI infrastructure and media management features.
  • Available in various delivery models.