Remotely manage and monitor site networks.

Remotely manage and monitor site networks.

Remotely manage and monitor site networks.

ICS: Invenco Cloud Services

Invenco Cloud Services (ICS) provides a powerful set of features which enable retailers to manage their network of devices, lower overall operational costs and manage device up-time, while driving brand and promotional activity across all of your stores.

As a multi-tenant cloud-based system ICS provides customers with robust and highly available services for managing a network of connected devices and applications. ICS is a software-as-a service (SaaS) offering, providing you with cost-efficiency, scalability, reliability, security and innovation.

Not only does ICS have an inbuilt ability to remotely manage and intelligently monitor Invenco’s product range, it enables the cloud-based management of 3rd party services, including the delivery of advertising content to screens.  If you are looking for a complete, self-service payment management system – including asset monitoring – you’ve found it with ICS.


Invenco Cloud Services delivers a unique range of services including:

Asset Management
The Asset Management service allows authorized users to manage sites and devices within their network. You can associate devices with a particular site location, move devices between sites and view the operational status of each site and individual devices.

Remote Key Injection
Authorized users, with appropriate credentials, can request new cryptographic keys to be loaded into supported devices. Once authorized, ICS automatically builds the appropriate key bundles and downloads to the terminal enabling it to apply the new keys.

Remote Management
As an authorized user you can schedule remote software updates to selected devices at one or many sites via the ICS portal. This includes firmware, applications, configuration and graphical assets on supported devices.

You can also view and edit device and application configuration via the ICS portal as well as receive a range of different reports and diagnostics. This includes centralized visibility of devices in the network to enable proactive maintenance, the configuration of alarms and notifications to alert against specific issues, the ability to pull application logs from devices and remotely reboot devices from the ICS portal.

Prompt Management
If you have authorized access you are also able to schedule updates of media assets and related prompt configuration to supported payment terminals. Specific prompts can be configured based on a day-of-week and/or time-of-day basis to enable targeted marketing initiatives, branding and promotions at the site.

Playlist                                                                                                                                                                                                      Build and manage your own media playlist using an easy-to-use playlist builder or integrate with a third-party content provider via secure API.  Multi-site owners can now deploy the same content across all terminals or direct different playlists to individual sites - turning all the screens you own into revenue generation engines.


Key Services Delivered by ICS
  • Secure PCI DSS compliant software, media and configuration delivery. 
  • Configurable alerting module.
  • Visualization of a geographically distributed site network.
  • Network independent – broadband, cellular, satellite and dialup.
  • Easy access to update status information.
  • A secure, web-based API to manage 3rd party products.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced support costs by using cloud-based asset and remote management features.
  • Schedule remote software and media updates for synchronized multi-site deployment.
  • Cloud-based payment configuration and UI/promotions at the pump.
  • Leverage powerful RKI infrastructure and media management features.
  • Available in various delivery models.