All the capability - all in one compact OPT


All the capability - all in one compact OPT

G6 OPT: All-in-One Outdoor Payment Terminal


Invenco G6 OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) is tailor-made for outdoor self-service retail situations. It comes with a full range of Outdoor EMV payment options with a ruggedized touchscreen for exceptional customer engagement.

Designed to be retrofit into most pump types, the G6 OPT stands apart from the rest: an industrial, multimedia device, it provides an amazing array of features at a remarkable price.


Wide range of payment options

Offering your customers the ultimate in Outdoor Payment Terminal convenience, the G6 OPT supports a wide range of payment options including debit, credit, “tap and go”, loyalty, vouchers and coupons – with contactless payment as standard.  It also comes with full audio, a thermal printer and optional barcode scanner.


Compact footprint

The G6 OPT is small enough to fit into any standard retail oil pump head, drive-thru pedestal or vending machine. Yet it is large enough to house a generous graphical screen to display easy-to-follow user instructions, promotional advertising, brand-building messages and encouragements to shop in-store. 


EMV compliant

Use its open platform to customize your customer experience and explore new revenue generation opportunities. It is also fully EMV compliant and able to deliver a consistent customer experience across all sites.


Popular choice

The Invenco G6 OPT is a globally popular choice when it comes to EMV or pump upgrades – combine with Invenco Link for a complete ‘all-in-one’ retrofit option and the additional value Invenco Cloud Services has to offer.

Key Features
  • Small footprint, flexible mounting options.
  • High speed transactions.
  • Credit, debit, EMV, contactless, loyalty and fleet cards.
  • Contactless payment as standard.
  • Full VGA color and multimedia display.
  • Integrated thermal printer & paper cutter.
  • Optional integrated barcode scanner.
  • Fully compliant for use on fuel forecourts.
Key Benefits
  • Present a consistent customer experience across all sites.
  • Retrofit into existing pump, kiosk or stand; any brand.
  • Offer real payment flexibility to your customers.
  • Open platform; explore new revenue opportunities for outstanding ROI.
  • Protects you and your customers against fraudulent attacks.
  • Wide range of applications; indoor/outdoor, attended/unattended.
  • Barcode scanning for loyalty redemption (optional).