Secure, fast, EMV payment for fuel retailers


Secure, fast, EMV payment for fuel retailers

Invenco EPS: Electronic Payment Server

The Invenco Electronic Payment Server handles complex payment and loyalty requirements within fuel retail and other self-service environments.  Its primary task is to enable fast and secure online payment services with your bank, fleet hosts and loyalty providers.

The modular design minimizes the customization required to support your unique combination of peripherals and acquirers. It is cloud connected for remote management, operational metrics and workflow configuration.

The Invenco EPS integrates with any Point-of-Sale, plus indoor  and outdoor payment devices, for a truly cohesive solution.  To ensure the ultimate security, the Invenco EPS runs natively on Invenco G6 OPT and G7 OPT hardware, with options to run on your existing site server hardware.

If you’re looking for a store-level payment service that can facilitate a wide range of card-present and contactless (card, phone and wearable) payments then you should take a closer look at the Invenco EPS.   

Key Features
  • Standards based, multi-host platform: supports a full spectrum of payment & loyalty types.
  • Self-service features include pre-pay and pre-auth transaction modes.
  • Open API for seamless integration with POS and forecourt control systems.
  • Fuel retail features include product restrictions and pump control integration.
  • Implement new payment methods quickly and easily.
  • Configuration-based “virtual POS” module to provide flexible control of prompt flows.
Key Benefits
  • Maintain security within your cardholder data environment.
  • Experience industry-leading fast transaction times.
  • Cloud enabled configuration of customer workflows at the point of purchase.
  • Offline authorization with a wide range of rules-based validation features.
  • Remove the need for proprietary hardware.
  • Support new acquirers, switches, loyalty & fleet hosts with minimal customization.
  • Offer a wide range of payment options to your customers.