Oct 04, 2019

Introducing Invenco iNFX: intelligent forecourt solution


NACS 2019, Atlanta, Georgia, 4 October 2019; Invenco Group Ltd has released yet another highly-innovative forecourt technology play with the launch of its Intelligent Forecourt solution – Invenco iNFX at the NACS Show today.Ac cording to Invenco’s Director of Product Management, Software, Gillian Cooper; iNFX is a lightweight, yet efficient, set of microservices condensing various functions of the outdoor fuel transaction.

iNFX is designed to run on Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) and other devices, with each payment terminal talking directly to the pump, payment host and back office system to complete fueling transactions. No Forecourt Controller, no single Electronic Payment Server, no single points of failure.

“It has been built to reduce the complexity and lead-time of integrations,” says Cooper. “iNFX is a perfect solution for everyone from big-box retailers looking for fast transaction speeds and full redundancy, through to traditional fuel retailers wanting OPT upgrade options, or emerging markets seeking a turnkey automation solution.

“iNFX is an all-in-one software solution,” she explains. “At its core is a set of microservices, plugins and standards-based APIs, creating a powerful and highly flexible ecosystem including Fuel Point of Sale, payment and forecourt control. iNFX offers full redundancy, lowers integration barriers and eliminates the need for costly hardware.

“It is designed to run entirely on small footprint devices like the Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminals with plugins used extensively to encapsulate the specifics of each integration without impacting on the core. The microservices architecture and service-based pricing model provides for total flexibility.”

As such, with iNFX deployed, you no longer the need the hardware and extensive cabling that typically house the payment server and forecourt controller.  Instead you install an Invenco all-in-one OPT with two connecting cables and a small integration board to connect iNFX directly to the pumps.

The most efficient implementation is to have iNFX entirely deployed on the OPT itself, however, the microservices can run anywhere according to the customer requirement.

Further flexibility is available for customers needing to retain elements of their existing solution – a subset of iNFX can be deployed and easily integrated to incumbent subsystems.  It enables iNFX to deliver far ranging benefits as Invenco Product Director, Gillian Cooper explains:

“When running on the OPT, iNFX removes inherent latency associated with messaging traversing the serial/LAN between various system components in legacy site architectures. In the world of EMV, removing delays in the transaction is vital for a good customer experience and efficient management of high-volume sites,” she says.

Invenco expects strong interest in iNFX particularly from those who are looking for the next generation of fuel retail systems.  “Those who have previewed this product already are just as excited as we are about the possibilities for deployment,” concludes Cooper.

 iNFX is being showcased at NACS by Invenco on stand 4531 where it co-exhibits with partner, Petroleum Parts Incorporated.