Oct 03, 2019

Invenco launches G7 OPT modular "family"

Invenco G7 OPT modular family

NACS, Atlanta, Georgia, 3 October 2019:  Outdoor EMV self-service payment innovator, Invenco, is expanding its modular range of G7 OPTs to include a full ‘family’ of 8 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch screens, coupled with a modular range of integrated units including a keypad with barcode scanner, printer, contactless reader and ADA enablement.

According to Invenco Director of Product Management, Terminals, David Schuster, the modular nature of the open platform G7 OPT enables the large screen experience to be delivered to virtually every major pump brand and enables a unique self-service payment experience for customers.

“If you have a mix of pump types on your forecourt, you can now deliver a G7 OPT payment experience to every pump with screen sizes to meet your range of dispenser models, budget, or simply, the payment experience you want to deliver”, he says.

“The 15.6 inch can deliver a multi window display enabling the user to follow the fueling cycle while viewing adverts and ordering food. This has been proven to increase turnover both at the pump and in store.

“The 8 inch and 12 inch screens deliver the same high resolution graphic and video experience – with all G7 OPTs giving customers a full range of EMV compliant payment and loyalty options.”

“The G7 OPT has been in the market since 2017. The concept has always been to create a truly modular family of offerings,” explains Schuster. “It gives retailers real choice in terms of what they put on the forecourt or across a fleet of different sites.  No matter what screen size you select, customers have the same payment delivery.  That means a lot when you’re trying to build a brand and want to deliver consistent customer experience.”

The G7 OPT can be viewed in its 15.6 inch screen format on stand 4531 at NACS – with the 12 inch screens and a prototype of the 8 inch screen available for viewing on request.





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