Oct 30, 2015

Invenco Group LTD Named in TIN’s “Top 10 to Watch”


Invenco LTD recognized for revenue growth and named in the “Top Ten Companies to Watch” by Technology Investment Network (TIN) of New Zealand.


Invenco Group, a global provider of secure payment technologies, was named in the top companies by revenue growth in New Zealand and further identified as one of the “Top Ten Companies to Watch” by Technology Investment Network (TIN).

TIN was founded under the mission to help facilitate the growth of the technology sector in New Zealand and does so through its research and networking events in the high-tech sector. At its event held at advisory firm EY’s offices on the evening of 9 September in Auckland, the top technology companies for revenue growth were recognized.

“We continue to build innovation and value for our customers by engineering market led, self-service payment solutions from the ground up.” says Invenco CEO, Peter Maire, “We believe we will continue to see growth in the self-service payments markets in the U.S. and around the world, and we are committed to providing the solutions with best security and customer engagement in this space.”

Invenco continues to build on its global momentum through the introduction of the new G7 self-service payment terminal, designed to capture share in the U.S. market of the greater than 1 million self-service payment terminals which must now comply with the market shift to EMV based payment cards . “G7 will bring unmatched value to the U.S. self-service payment market with its ability to provide consistent user experiences, new customer engagement technologies, extensive standard features, and compliance with the latest security standards”, says Gillian Cooper, Head of Product Lines.

About Invenco Group Ltd

Invenco is a global provider of self service payment solutions with a range of products including outdoor payment terminals, electronic payment servers, payment switches, and cloud services. Invenco continues to build on its legacy of ground up engineering in security and rugged automation to deliver robust technology solutions to petroleum and other retail segments. Invenco works through its network of partners to deliver geographically optimized versions of its products around the world. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Invenco also operates offices in Malaysia, U.S., and U.K..