Jul 02, 2018

Invenco Cloud Services Helps Retailers Maximize EMV Investment


1 July 2018, Atlanta, Georgia: Self-service payments company, Invenco Group Ltd, has announced a significant milestone with 30,000 outdoor EMV payment terminal devices connected to its certified cloud solution.

The highly scalable, Invenco Cloud Services (ICS) platform allows station owners to easily sign up (no software installation required) and delivers a range of modules including Remote Key Injection (RKI), remote management and a variety of media / content management solutions.

The industry leading, purpose-built environment has Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification and leverages an open platform which Invenco uses to drive new capabilities for partners and fuel-retail customers on a secure, scalable cloud environment.

Reducing cost of EMV compliance
“The cost of deploying and maintaining a large number of EMV compliant payment terminals is a hot topic for fuel retailers globally. Cloud-based platforms provide not only a highly secure alternative to traditional enterprise systems, but they are far more cost effective and more easily scaled to meet additional demands – no hardware to maintain, no software to install,” explains Gavin Lennox, Invenco CEO.

“Unlike the pay-at-pump used today, PCI and EMV standards will continue to evolve and security updates are mandated every couple of years, compliance will continue to drive the need to continuously upgrade the software and monitor secure devices.

“Often these security updates will need to be installed with a site visit, or in the worst case, terminals have to be shipped to a secure environment, which are both expensive and time consuming,” says Lennox. “Being able to deliver this via a PCI DSS certified, secure cloud allows the monitoring and upgrading of remote terminals with minimal cost and disruption.”

Getting more value out of your EMV investment
In addition to providing the most secure, cost effective way for retailers to keep their terminals current, ICS provides a host of value added capabilities to help retailers get more for their outdoor EMV investment, like: open point-to-point encryption (P2PE), true RKI, and media / content services.

With its PCI DSS certified set of cryptographic services, ICS provides an open approach to P2PE. This enables retailers and their credit providers the flexibility to use the implementation that works best for them and helps to lower the costs associated with PCI. Additionally, RKI services allow retailers to easily install debit and other encryption keys without an expensive site visit.

Driving additional store sales and building store affinity is the key to driving more out of your EMV investment. With ICS Media and Content Management, retailers have the tools to customize their screens and easily accept content service news, ‘infotainment’, and advertisements from third party content providers. This enables retailers to create engaging experiences on the forecourt and encourage fueling customers to take advantage of store promotions.

“Retailers will need to get the most out of their EMV investment. Invenco is leveraging its position as the most experienced EMV pay-at-pump provider. It will give retailers the tools they need to minimize costs and maximize opportunities to grow profitability with a secure, easy to manage set of cloud services”, says Lennox.