Sep 27, 2019

Invenco launches Invenco-i2 program with Total Petroleum

Fuel pump hand and nozzleiStock-866688814_web

Atlanta, Georgia.  27 September 2019.  Outdoor EMV innovator, Invenco Inc has today confirmed Total Petroleum has been signed as the first certified Invenco-i2 service provider in California.  This comes as Invenco primes California as the first market in its Invenco-i2 service network to support its monthly payment model for EMV compliant Outdoor Payment Terminals.

“We are looking to build an army of service providers to roll out Invenco-i2. Total Petroleum is a perfect example of a highly capable service provider looking for a sustainable work stream well beyond the EMV deadline,” says Invenco CBDO Craig Panter.

Total Petroleum CEO Mike Finston states they see this as just the start of the i2 opportunity: “While every good fuel tech is going to be kept busy as the EMV deadline closes – how many are going to get to benefit beyond 2020?  While everyone is saying what a great deal Invenco-i2 is for retailers, I believe it is equally a good option for those of us looking to grow a service company into the future.”

Invenco-i2 is launching a full on-line training program to ensure all of its service techs are well versed in what is required to install and support its G6 OPTs in the field.  The aptly named i2U includes a weekend practical for certification and ongoing quality management by Invenco.

“One other thing we really liked about Invenco-i2 is the incredibly simple ‘pop-n-swap’ service model,” says Mike Finston. “Basic triage is done by the customer via their Invenco-i2 app; isolating the likely cause of the issue. If it is OPT related, we simply “pop and swap” them with a working unit and ship it to an Invenco Service Center.”