Feb 08, 2017

Invenco announces comprehensive PCI4 approval


Auckland NZ; 30 January 2017: Invenco Group Ltd is pleased to confirm its G7 OPT has received PCI PTS PED 4 approval, which it believes makes it the most comprehensively certified retrofit outdoor payment terminal (OPT) globally.

According to Invenco CEO, Gavin Lennox, the certification extends across the entire modular G7 OPT product (hardware, firmware and software) which is also fully EMV compliant.

“Technically, what we have is PCI PTS v4.x approval for the G7 OPT’s unified pin pad/card reader module and its 12 inch secure display - both individually and also in combination as the OEM PED product type.

“In doing this Invenco continues to stay ahead of the certification curve,” he explains. “We take a holistic approach to ensure that all aspects of the OPT achieve the same level of certification so customers aren’t exposed to any area of risk across the product.

“The G7 OPT’s market leading twelve-inch touch screen has opened the product up to a raft of rich-media applications including video and ad-streaming. It is a true omnichannel marketing platform from an OPT,” Gavin Lennox continues. “The fact it is so comprehensively PCI4 certified underpins the G7 OPT’s ability to not only manage transactions but truly generate additional income as both rentable ad-space and in its ability to upsell customers on the spot.”

With the product certification extending to full compliance for forecourt environments, a rapid uptake of the G7 by fuel retailers has come as no surprise. “The G7 OPT is engineered from the ground-up to retrofit into any existing pump, kiosk or stand and has an open platform, enabling it to play a full range of media and apps without restriction.

“This is moving the OPT off the forecourt and into the convenience store arena as well as making a play for drive-thru providers as well”, says Gavin Lennox. “Invenco’s continuous certification program enables our partners to develop these new product offerings and applications, confident of compliance through 2023 and beyond.”