Aug 07, 2019

Invenco Playlist; a new way to generate revenue at the pump


Auckland, New Zealand; 7 August, 2019Outdoor self-service payments solution leader Invenco Group Ltd, has today announced the release of its Playlist service within Invenco Cloud Services (ICS), the open cloud-based platform connected as standard to Invenco's Outdoor Payment Terminals. 

“The new Playlist service enables Invenco customers to run synchronized media content on Invenco OPTs at all pumps across a site,” explains Gillian Cooper, Director Product Management - Cloud and Site Solutions. “Customers can either build and manage their own playlists using an easy-to-use playlist builder or integrate with their choice of content provider via secure API.  

“Multi-site owners can deploy the same content across all terminals or direct different playlists to individual sites.  It means anyone who has an Invenco OPT now has the potential to turn the screens on their forecourts into revenue generation engines”, she explains.

“The content can be localized.  It can also be specific to the time of day, the season and many other conditions that can drive buyer behavior.  This means you can now on-sell your screen playing time to local retailers, national advertisers or community service providers and turn what was once seen as an expense, into a source of recurring revenue.”

The Playlist service also includes “proof-of-play” reporting, providing unequivocal evidence as to when content was played – making professional billing capability for this service accessible for single store operators.

“We want as many retailers as possible to be able to embrace the ability to play media on their screens,” says Invenco Chief Innovation Officer, Dan Harrell.  “Having created an open media platform, providing playlist building capability was the next logical step. It is available as a monthly subscription on a per-site basis which is switched on and off via Invenco’s secure cloud.”

Invenco already has tens of thousands of terminals using the Playlist service and is expecting a high level of uptake in months to come as more retailers look to engage customers during those captive four minutes of fueling at the pump.