Mar 03, 2020

Invenco and CODAB Partner to Bring Better Forecourt and Payment Systems to Retail Petroleum

[Auckland, NZ – March 3, 2020] Invenco, a global provider of revolutionary self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions, today announces their partnership with CODAB, a leading innovator in forecourt control and platform development. For the past two years, the two companies have worked together on developing and integrating a series of forecourt control plugins for Invenco’s iNFX architecture platform. Invenco iNFX is designed to run on Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) and other devices, with each payment terminal talking directly to the pump, payment host and back office system to complete fueling transactions. The platform uses no additional hardware for forecourt control and no single Electronic Payment Server meaning there is no single point of failure.

With over 40 years of experience in the fuel retail industry, CODAB was a clear choice for partnership with Invenco. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, CODAB has been a key player in driving advancements in the industry with their forecourt control and outdoor unattended payment solutions. CODAB is currently the primary developer of forecourt control, fuel pump plugins, protocol support and microservices architecture for iNFX. Through this partnership, Invenco aims to expand into new territories in Scandinavia, DACH regions, Eastern Europe and other European Emerging Markets, where CODAB is regionally dominant and a respected leader.

John Scott, CEO of Invenco, notes “CODAB is a global best in class provider in the fuel retail space and we are grateful and excited to have partnered with them to push the power of Invenco’s iNFX system even further. The partnership between these two companies will provide a new modern way of controlling the systems and practices surrounding fueling stations.”

Christian Lester, CEO of CODAB, comments “Invenco is an innovative and well-established, world-class provider of open payment solutions that integrate into any market and customer. We are thankful and excited to have partnered with them to support and push the power of Invenco’s iNFX system combined with the CODAB product portfolio. The partnership between CODAB and Invenco will provide a new modern way of controlling and opening the existing retail systems in the industry.”

Niels Bengtsson, Chairman of CODAB, adds “This is an additional cornerstone in the further development of the work related to modernizing the architecture around forecourt control that will add further flexibility for the customer”

About Invenco

Invenco is a global provider of revolutionary self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions. With a strong presence in the petroleum retail vertical, Invenco’s product lines include G6 and G7 Outdoor Payment Terminals, iNFX retail micro-services (including electronic payment server), cloud services and Invenco Link, a high-speed Ethernet enabling device. In 2018 Invenco introduced i2, the world’s first outdoor EMV as a service, to help US fuel retailers avoid the EMV liability shift without the burden of a large upfront investment. Invenco has deployed over 100,000 EMV payment terminals engaging millions of customers every day. Invenco is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and operates offices in the U.S., Canada, Malaysia and the UK. For more information visit


CODAB is a payment solutions and system integrator for large oil companies and independent fuel retailers in the Scandinavian, Eastern European, DACH region and Emerging Markets. With over forty years’ experience, CODAB specializes in unattended payment solutions and forecourt control. Their OPT’s, forecourt controller, FuelNet Manager and central monitoring system, TapNet, provide an innovative, flexible and competitive solution designed for both small and large size fuel retailers operating within lean organizations. Additionally, CODAB’s product line includes payment and fleet terminals for white and fleet stations. These products are heavily utilized across retailers and fleet owners in Northern and Eastern Europe. For more information on CODAB, visit: