Mar 26, 2020

A Letter from John Scott, Invenco CEO, on COVID-19

To Our Partners, Customers and Community, 

I am writing to you on behalf of Invenco Group Ltd. and all company employees regarding our business status and continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

First and foremost, our thoughts and well wishes are with you and your families during these uncertain times. This global crisis is one that is being addressed by Invenco with the health and well-being of our employees, partners, customers and community above all else. We would also be remiss without noting our collective admiration and gratitude for global medical professionals, who continue to be extraordinary and selfless in a time when the world needs them most.

Since the beginning of the outbreak and until the crisis subsides, Invenco has and will remain operational should we be permitted to do so. We will continue to function in full compliance with the latest government-mandated regulations in all of our territories including New Zealand, Atlanta, Tampa, Malaysia and the UK. We are committed to helping serve you and your organization’s needs to the fullest possible extent during this time.

In order to protect our employee’s health and wellbeing, we have migrated to a virtual operational model and have temporarily closed our offices globally. Last week, we ran a series of stress tests in order to set up our teams to work virtually. The testing was successful, and our remote work functionality is up and running as I write this. We are fully accessible and are functioning as close to “normal” as is possible right now. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual Invenco contacts, and we will do our very best to work with and help you however we can.

Although it is hard to say when, we are confident that we will overcome the COVID-19 crisis and eventually return to business as usual. Please let us know what we as first, a community, and second, a business organization can do to help in the meantime. We are eager for feedback and for information on protocol or policy changes within your organizations that we can incorporate into our relationship charters so we can ensure our alignment moving forward.
Please stay safe, stay healthy and take care of each other.

John Scott
John Scott
CEO, Invenco Group Ltd.