Customer Stories

Dec 10, 2015

Peru - driving problems to profit



In 2006 a South American company acquired one of the Shell Oil retail oil networks. The legacy point-of-sale systems within the network of retail petrol stations and truck-stops were functionally rich, but technically and operationally obsolete.




The ability to modify the system was no longer possible and as such the system could no longer support the existing business drivers. The legacy system had a paper based Fleet offering that allowed chronic fraud and Fleet customers were departing rapidly as they had little faith in the accuracy of the system – they were losing money and market share.

There was also no ability to do centralized reporting or management of the entire network. This situation severely hampered plans for the new company’s business initiatives.

An RFI/P process for a full technology refresh to replace the aging and deteriorating site systems for all 100+ local sites was initiated. The chosen system had to also be capable of integrating to a host of Head Office applications and supply online authorization functionality for Fleet cards – replacing the current system and turning the Fleet arm of the business into a profitable operation. An additional important requirement was the ability to maintain sites remotely, to do reporting at site, cluster and head office levels, and to maintain pricing and PMF centrally. They also wanted a system that was scalable as acquisitions are a large part of their growth strategy.


During the competitive tender process, Invenco demonstrated a superior knowledge and understanding of the customer requirements. With their 30 years of product history in the New Zealand and international retail oil markets they were able to provide the level of expertise and experience required. This, alongside their reputation as an innovative New Zealand company already a world-class player in pay@pump technology, saw Invenco selected to provide this turnkey solution that would modernize, optimize and revolutionize their business.

Outcome – A functionally rich solution enabling business profitability and growth

Enterprise integration

Invenco provides a totally integrated solution including point of sale, back office, forecourt control, electronic payments, forecourt attended point of sale, attendant management and centralised management. Invenco’s Head Office System (HOS) manages all sites within the network, primarily retail petrol stations with C-stores, or plain C-Stores. Fuel pricing and promotions are controlled centrally from the HOS with the ability to send updates instantly to any point of sale within the network.

Consolidated reporting at Invenco’s HOS can include all sites or a cluster of sites and provides dashboards and statistics to monitor the health of individual sites and the entire network. New sites can be added or removed from the network at any time with the knowledge that they will be immediately integrated and supported.

The system integrates into the JDE ERP system that the customer uses in order to manage their fleet customers, suppliers, fraud and taxation requirements.

Simple system for all sites

Being attended sites the challenge is to provide better and faster service when compared with your competitors. By using the Invenco solution the attendants can be trained in the point-of-sale in 10 minutes or less, providing significant cost savings and flexibility within a relatively unskilled and highly mobile workforce.

Consistency of brand image

All point-of-sale terminals accept Loyalty cards and Fleet cards, promoting brand awareness and ‘stickiness’ throughout the network.

Customer focus

The partnership is based on a shared commitment to delivering value to the customer. Technology provided by Invenco not only looks good but is built to withstand the often harsh environments of petrol station forecourts and dry, dusty and arid remote sites. System reliability, speed and accuracy of transactions, availability of discounts, promotions and loyalty programs at all stations – provide the best possible experience for end customers and to keep them at the forefront of innovation.