Cathy Liu’s Story – Project Manager

My Invenco Experience

I joined Invenco as a Project Manager just over 12months ago. During this time, I’ve enjoyed my time leading and working with the project teams on a number of projects and I’ve grown so much both professionally and personally.

Favorite part about working at Invenco

No two days are the same, every day we have different challenges.

What has been your most exciting project so far?

The most exciting project that I have been working on is to develop a range of retrofit kits to integrate the G6 OPT or G7 OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminals) into the existing petrol pumps. The critical challenge around this project is that it is not only about designing something new which can work by itself, but it’s also about designing something to work with the existing products.

Apart from closely working with the design team on the project deliverables, I also enjoy facilitating the communication with the stakeholders, working with the third party suppliers in terms of manufacturing the product and with the lab to get the products certified.

Describe working at Invenco in three words

Challenging, fun, rewarding.

Your advice to someone thinking of a career with Invenco?

Definitely consider it! There will be heaps of fun and challenges along the way. Our company culture is great, where team work and individual contributions are always valued and rewarded.