(This is an aggregate of real conversations, with real people in the firmware team – just under a made-up persona for reasons of shyness).


“One of the reasons I like to work here is the ability to express our creativity. We are always trying to push boundaries.”


In the repairs and maintenance industry people tend to stick to the script.  You do repairs how you’ve been taught to do them – the old-fashioned way – and not really try to improve.   What you find at Invenco is people who think ‘out of the box’; we’re able to bring new ideas and create new ways of doing things.  While it’s great to follow the rules, at some point it hinders progress and at Invenco we’re all about innovation and constantly finding a better way to do something – no matter how small.

Flexible hours

Having flexible hours is a big thing for the team.  There are no restrictions on how early we can come in or how late we can stay. So long as the work gets done and we communicate what we’re doing, no one is too concerned.  Within reason we can take care of home, meet doctors and other family commitments, then start early or finish late to compensate.

From a repair industry perspective working at Invenco is unique in that we don’t repair products for the general public.  We have a very specialized audience for Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) in gas pumps which requires a very secure environment for the job and workers of the highest integrity.

Flagship repair center

We are moving towards being a “state-of-the-art” repair center.  We’re not there yet but we are making progress.  We want to make it a flagship for the company so when someone walks into the Atlanta Invenco Service Center they go “wow, these guys really know what they’re doing”.  

“We see the work we do as being a important part of the product offering; being able to offer customers a repair center with service that is second to none gives customers confidence. “

Working for a New Zealand company

It is a bit different working for a company headquartered in New Zealand - at first it sounds risky that it is located in such a relatively small and remote place.  But then you realize you are part of a much bigger global operation and there are benefits to not being in a large bureaucratic company.  You start to experience the level of appreciation you get in working here.  The chance to take risks and be creative, so you can really improve.


“When we help Invenco succeed we can own that accomplishment and say as a team; “we managed to do this”– that’s what keeps you coming to work every day.”