(This is an aggregate of real conversations, with real people in the firmware team – just under a made-up persona for reasons of shyness).


“Everyday I am excited by what is possible. I’m eager to troubleshoot any issue that arises and I’m always going home amazed at what we’ve been able to achieve as a team.”


The Invenco’s Malaysian Service Center is located in Petaling Jaya (or “PJ” for short).  It is some distance from the office where our finance and administration staff are located in central Kuala Lumpur but the team are justifiably proud of the facilities this particular Invenco Service Center boasts.

“We have a state-of-the-art clean room which enables us to accurately test and troubleshoot Invenco Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) that come in for repair.  It is a certified anti-static-discharge environment and is compliant with the exacting certifications, standards and regulations we need to meet as part of the payments industry.”

Serving SE Asia

The ISC team in PJ works predominantly with Invenco’s customers based in Malaysia and Singapore. This busy team of electronics engineers are responsible for both repairing units, trouble shooting issues and assisting with maintaining Invenco’s continuous-improvement Quality Management program.

The team is currently dominated by native Malays and is an even mix of female and male engineers.  Unusually, a number of the team have been with the company since the service center was first established in 2007.  They have moved up the ranks from Junior Technicians as raw university graduates through to now being Senior Technicians and Team Leads.

They work closely with the APAC Sales team and have a strong customer focus to ensure any issue a customer might raise is dealt with as swiftly and effectively as possible.  To enable this, they have a close working relationship with the engineering team and ISC based in New Zealand which increases their knowledge base and ensures everyone is continually learning off each other.

It is also a very multicultural environment that makes the most of the many holidays and celebrations in the Malaysian calendar.

“We make the most of embracing all the nationalities and religions Invenco represents in Malaysia, celebrating a range of cultural holidays from Ramadan to Christmas.  Both of our Malaysian offices enjoy getting together socially and making the most of the full range of cuisine – Malay, Chinese and Indian – readily available to us.”

Working for a New Zealand company

Another benefit of working for Invenco is the ability to work flexible hours.  It lets the team negotiate the everyday traffic challenges that is Malaysian city life as well as balancing work with family commitments. This is not something they take for granted and are quick to point out it is a privilege colleagues in similar roles in other companies don’t get to enjoy.


“It is also a very open environment; I can raise any issue in the knowledge there is always good support from my team and management. That open ability to challenge thinking is important when it comes to trouble shooting and problem solving. It makes going to work something we all look forward to.”