(This is an aggregate of real conversations, with real people in the firmware team – just under a made-up persona for reasons of shyness).


“Having come to Invenco from a larger organisation one of the first things I noticed (and really love) is that you are only ever one or two people away from making change happen. If you have a solution to a problem or issue, you only need to convince a couple of people it’s a great idea to get it implemented. It can take minutes or hours as opposed to weeks and months.”


Project and Program Managers are a growing team at Invenco, reporting through to the Director of Product Management responsible for the area of business they work in – be it hardware or software related. As Invenco’s product range is rapidly growing so is the need for talented and experienced project managers.  The team is currently a diverse mix of nationalities, backgrounds and gender but they all come together with a passion for the breadth and depth of the work they do.

The team views project management as a broad yet technically deep role.  They describe it as being “T-shaped” with a very broad horizontal across the top of what they manage across all the various business functions – hardware, firmware, procurement, quality, MPI, engineering services, finance, vendor and supplier management.  There is very little Invenco’s project managers don’t get involved in – which is one of the advantages of having the full product stack on site. Yet this is backed by a very deep understanding of the art of project management.

Job for adrenaline seekers

“It is a great job for an adrenaline junkie.  You need high energy and the ability to keep a whole lot of balls in the air.  You will be jumping from being knee deep in a technical issue with an electrical engineer to balancing the risk of hardware versus software performance, to sitting down with the Chief of Engineering to  evaluate the performance of parts across a variety of suppliers.  It needs high energy and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all you do.”

Project Management is also still evolving at Invenco – which means you can get involved in setting up the systems, processes and improvements as well as doing the work.  The team views this as a rare chance to make their mark on a company. 

“You can quickly move from feeling frustrated because things aren’t working as you like to totally excited with the possibility to make a change and being given the mandate to do it. The work culture is such that people here generally give you the benefit of the doubt – which makes having the most difficult of conversations easier. Change is possible because of this and project managers are often some of the best placed to identify where change is needed and be able to come up with a solution.”

Great Kiwi work culture  

A number of team members come to Invenco’s Auckland office from having lived and worked in the US, Asia and Europe.  They have all embraced the Auckland lifestyle and the ease with which you can get from the office to a beach, café or golf course.  They are a pretty sporty bunch as well and can be found donning running gear or, when the weather is not so good, making good use of Invenco’s inhouse gym.  They are a team that makes sure work is fun and share their enjoyment of what they do with anyone who will listen.


“I love the Friday night drinks in the cafeteria. There is nothing better than sitting down at the end of a hard week and having a cold kiwi beer or glass of wine and reliving a few of the weeks successful (and sometimes, not so successful) moments. You get people from right across the company showing up, including the CEO, so it’s a great way to forge those cross-company relationships as well.”