(This is an aggregate of real conversations, with real people in the firmware team – just under a made-up persona for reasons of shyness).


“One of the reasons I like to work here is the high level of intelligence in this team. We solve difficult problems every day. Not just on how to make things work but identifying what can go wrong and making sure they don’t.”


The firmware team develops the operating system and other tools for our Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs). It’s a fusion of drivers for controlling hardware components such as keypad, screen, tamper circuits, crypt accelerators, card/barcode readers, printers, etc and interfaces with protocols for communicating with middleware and other client applications. This mean we get to work with flashy screens, clicking buttons, blinking lights and whirring printers every day,

Enjoy a challenge

This isn’t a job for someone who likes a lot of predictable routine. One of the reasons I love Invenco is that every day brings new challenges.  What we do isn’t easy; I get to use my analytical thinking and -problem solving skills on a daily basis - constantly looking for new and different ways of doing things.  If you like complexity this is a good place to be as there is a lot of work in not only making Invenco’s OPTs simple for the customer to use but creating the protocols that make life easier for the middleware team as well.

While our team is largely based in Auckland we have members who work remotely in places as far flung as Lisbon, Singapore and Christchurch.  If we face a challenge as a team, we work hard to bring a whole lot of detail to the table in presenting a solution as opposed to a problem.  Everyone is constantly learning – even those who have been with the company for a long time are looking for new ways of doing things. It is also exacting work – we have to ensure the integrity of Invenco’s key hierarchies and those of our customers, which means applying levels of security you don’t find in many industries.

“The work we do is important for both new and existing products.  In many respects we are responsible for how the product delivers what the customer really needs and that is an exciting, constantly changing, place to be.”

Working for a New Zealand company

I had been looking to move to New Zealand for some time.   There were a limited number of companies where my C++ skills and diverse industry background would be of value – luckily Invenco was one of them.  I completed most of the required assessments online and then came to New Zealand for final interviews – I was offered the job pretty much straight away.  Auckland is “huge” place compared to where I come from. New Zealand is a country with friendly people and sublime views. I really enjoy living here and the work I get to do.


“When I talk to my friends who are Software Engineers, the work I am doing at Invenco is a lot more exciting and complex than anything they’re working on; it is challenging – but in the best way possible.”