The Invenco Switch is an enterprise-level payment hub which enables fuel retail to take control of their transaction processing environment in a highly economical manner. Specifically designed to meet the needs of medium to large oil companies, the Invenco Switch is both scalable and customisable, and offers a practical alternative to the costly mainstream banking solutions.

The Switch supports a rich set of features for real-time switching, routing, authorization and settlement. Integration into a customer’s infrastructure provides centralized management control between your point.of-sale network and your payment acquirers.

Key Features

  • Continue to accept all major credit, debit, EMV and contactless cards with ease.
  • Accept closed-loop products such as fleet, loyalty, multi-purpose, government, discount and local bank cards.
  • Reduce cost by absorbing specification and regulatory changes at the switch.
  • Grow your switch as and when you need it – from simple routing to high volume intelligent switching.
  • Select a cost-effective platform with no reliance on proprietary hardware, operating systems or enterprise database products.

Key Benefits

  • All major card brands including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.
  • Direct acquiring, or interfaces to local, regional and national EFT networks and third party hosts.
  • Isolation of payment terminals from acquirer specific interfaces.
  • Fully scalable.
  • Platform independent.
  • Consolidation of network transactions through a single channel.
  • Built in load balancing and redundancy.
  • Stand-in authorisation with customisable fraud prevention techniques.
  • Standards-based modular architecture.

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