Invenco EPS: Electronic Payment Server

The Invenco Electronic Payment Server (EPS) is a unique software application which facilitates the financial, fleet and loyalty payment offerings of today’s modern service stations. The Invenco EPS sets the standard, catering specifically for the complex requirements of the fuel retailing industry.

The Invenco Electronic Payment Server integrates with your outdoor and/or indoor payment terminals, back office system and pump controller for a truly cohesive site system. Its primary task is to enable fast and secure online payment services with your bank, fleet hosts and loyalty providers. The design seeks to minimize the amount of customization required to support your unique combination of peripherals and acquirers.

Key Features

  • Offer a full range of payment options to your customers.
  • Cater for C-store and forecourt payment requirements.
  • Customise the business logic for driving self-service pay@pump terminals.
  • Control your risk while maintaining 100% uptime regardless of network availability.
  • Connect to your bank, loyalty and fleet acquirers quickly with minimal customisation.
  • Process fast transactions from all your payment terminals simultaneously.
  • Remove capital and operating expenses associated with proprietary hardware.

Key Benefits

  • Credit, debit, EMV, contactless, loyalty and fleet card transactions.
  • Prepay, post-pay and pre-authorised models.
  • Forecourt Point-of-Sale (POS) module.
  • Offline authorisation, with a range of rule-based validation features.
  • ISO8583-based multi-acquirer engine.
  • Multi-threaded server application.
  • Java-based, designed to run on any PC or embedded hardware platform.


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