Malaysia – 1000 EMV sites in nine months

Malaysia – 1000 EMV sites in nine months


Malaysia is the largest pay@pump market in the world, outside of the U.S.A.

Petronas is the national oil company of Malaysia and controls the entire oil reserves of the country. Nationwide it has over 1000 retail petrol stations, all of them pay@pump.

In 2004, the Malaysian government mandated EMV chip cards in place of magnetic stripe cards for credit card payments. Petronas had a window of 9 months to replace all of their OPTs with EMV certified terminals and to install an end-to-end payments system to the Malaysian banks for EMV credit card acceptance.


Already incumbent with the Payments Switch and Electronic Payment Systems, Invenco, (formerly Provenco), was able to offer a fully integrated tank-to-bank system meeting all of Petronas’ requirements which none of their competitors could match. This won them the tender for the replacement Outdoor Payment Terminals and, with total dedication and commitment, they delivered a world-leading EMV payments system covering PDB’s entire national network of retail petrol stations within the mandated time-frame.

Outcome – The “Heart” of the Petronas retail network

Payments security

Before the introduction of EMV, Malaysia had been well known as the credit card fraud capital of the world. By introducing chip card acceptance with Invenco’s EMV certified pay@pump terminals, Petronas was able to offer payments security and eliminate credit card fraud throughout their network of retail petrol stations.

Increased market share

Being the first to market with the government’s EMV initiative provided peace of mind to Petronas’ customers with the provision of secure payments. This resulted in an instant increase of market share for Petronas retail petrol stations over their competitors.

A stable network

Today the Invenco payments system remains the heart of the Petronas retail oil network which dominates retail fuel in Malaysia. Over 10,000 Invenco G5 OPTs are installed in pay@pump mode throughout PDB’s network. The Invenco EPS and multi-acquirer Payments Switch now processes approximately 1 million fuel transactions daily.

Continuing innovation

Petronas currently has Invenco’s new G6 OPT operating in pilot mode. As a compatible, drop-in replacement for Invenco’s incumbent G5 OPT, the G6 OPT is a natural upgrade path for Petronas. It offers Petronas customers the very latest in global payments security compliance combined with leading edge technology that will enable new business initiatives such as contactless card acceptance and extended loyalty programs. The colour screens, video and multimedia capability of the G6 OPT offer exciting new opportunities for Petronas to build on their already substantial brand image as a national leader and forerunner of innovation.